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The Best of Me (2007)

Raquel, a young radio broadcaster, is deeply in love with Tomas, an Olympic runner. On the day she finds a house for them to share, he collapses during training and is rushed to the hospital. His life is in danger; his liver crashed and he is in need of an urgent transplant. Without any warning, Tomas turns from a fine athlete to an exhausted, dysfunctional, sick person. Raquel devotes herself to helping him. How far will she go for love? And what will she find out about intimacy and about herself in the process? The Best of Me is an intriguing film about the tension between love and sacrifice and about the unbearable fine line between them.
Alberto Jiménez
Juan Sanz
Marian Álvarez
Carmen Machi
Marieta Orozco
Lluís Homar
Roser Aguilar
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