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2 locations in Romans-sur-Isère and Cartagena

Navy Seals vs. Zombies (2015)

Horror, Action

A team of highly skilled Navy SEALS find themselves embarking on the battle of their lives when they come face-to-face with the undead. After a deadly outbreak occurs in New Orleans, the SEALS must fight for their lives, and the city, against an army of zombies.
Kevin Kent
Stephanie Honoré
Damon Lipari
Mikal Vega
Dan La Porta
Chad Lail
Lance E. Nichols
Lolo Jones
Charlie Talbert
Michael Dudikoff
Massimo Dobrovic
Geoff Reeves
Molly Hagan
Judd Lormand
Ed Quinn
Rick Fox
Robert Markovich
Don E. FauntLeRoy
Jason Hewitt
Lisa Marie Dupree
Stanton Barrett
Nicolas Chartier
Michael Hare
A.K. Waters
Benjamin Sacks
Joe Kirkpatrick
Chuck Bush
Phillip B. Goldfine
Claire Sanchez
Matthew Carpenter
Babacar Diene
Michael Wickstrom
Steve Shellanksi
Patrick de Caumette
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