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The Man Who Copied (2003)

Romance, Comedy, Drama, Crime

André, 19, lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and works as a photocopier operator. He likes to see his neighbor Sílvia with a pair of binoculars. She works selling clothes. Becoming attracted to her, he tries to get nearer, and goes to her shop to buy something, but finds out that he can't afford it. So he puts the photocopier to other uses, and begins to envisage fishy schemes to earn some money.
Pedro Cardoso
Leandra Leal
Luana Piovani
Júlio Andrade
Carlos Cunha Filho
Paulo José
Lázaro Ramos
Fiapo Barth
Jorge Furtado
Cristiano Scherer
Nora Goulart
Leo Henkin
Alex Sernambi
Betânia Furtado
Giba Assis Brasil
Luciana Tomasi
Rosângela Cortinhas
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