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On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

Action, Thriller, Adventure

After romancing Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo and acquiring valuable information from her crime boss father Marc-Ange Draco, James Bond tracks his arch-nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld to his base in the Swiss Alps, uncovering a secret plot to hold the world to ransom.
Bernard Horsfall
Terence Mountain
Bernard Lee
Anouska Hempel
Angela Scoular
Catherine Schell
Desmond Llewelyn
Helena Ronee
Mona Chong
Gabriele Ferzetti
Jenny Hanley
Irvin Allen
Diana Rigg
Geoffrey Cheshire
Joanna Lumley
Virginia North
Yuri Borienko
Ilse Steppat
Lois Maxwell
George Lazenby
George Baker
Telly Savalas
Julie Ege
Ingrid Back
John Glen
Peter Lamont
Peter R. Hunt
Syd Cain
John Barry
Louis Armstrong
Robert W. Laing
Erich Glavitza
Richard Maibaum
Albert R. Broccoli
Ian Fleming
Stanley Sopel
Michael Reed
Marjory Cornelius
Harry Saltzman
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