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4 locations in São Paulo and Guarulhos

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976)

Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Family

Asterix and Obelix depart on an adventure to complete twelve impossible tasks to prove to Caesar that they are as strong as the Gods. You'll roar with laughter as they outwit, outrun, and generally outrage the very people who are trying to prove them "only human".
Bernard Lavalette
Jean Martinelli
Micheline Dax
Stéphane Steeman
Henri Labussière
Gérard Hernandez
Pierre Tornade
Georges Atlas
Odette Laure
Henri Virlogeux
Jacques Morel
Roger Carel
Roger Lumont
Claude Bertrand
René Goscinny
Pierre Watrin
Albert Uderzo
Georges Dargaud
Gérard Calvi
Pierre Tchernia
Pierre Biecher
Henri Gruel
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