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3 locations in Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey

Play Misty for Me (1971)

Thriller, Drama

A brief fling between a male disc jockey and an obsessed female fan takes a frightening, and perhaps even deadly turn when another woman enters the picture.
Mervin W. Frates
Walter Spear
Ginna Patterson
William Tomlinson
Tim Frawley
Donna Mills
Don Siegel
Brit Lind
Johnny Otis
Barbara Chrysler
Paul E. Lippman
Duke Everts
Jack Ging
Boyd Cabeen
Clarice Taylor
Cannonball Adderley
Don Hamilton
Jessica Walter
Walter Scott
Otis Kadani
Irene Hervey
Robert S. Holman
James McEachin
John Larch
Malcolm Moran
George Fargo
Waldon O. Watson
Ralph S. Hurst
Robert L. Hoyt
Jack Freeman
Robert Daley
Robert Martin
Carl Pingitore
Jennings Lang
Bruce Surtees
Jo Heims
Clint Eastwood
Jerry Whittington
Alexander Golitzen
Helen Colvig
Dee Barton
Julie Ann Johnson
Jeannie Epper
Dean Riesner
Bob Larson
Ginger Bishop
Betty A. Griffin
Jack Kosslyn
Play Misty for Me filming locations

Play Misty for Me film locations

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