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2 locations in Berrien Springs and Westmont

Reach the Rock (1998)

Comedy, Drama

A small town troublemaker (Alessandro Nivola), directionless and alienated, ends up spending a night in a jail cell, where he and the police chief (William Sadler) engage in a battle of wills and wit.
William Sadler
Brooke Langton
Bruce Norris
Alessandro Nivola
Richard Hamilton
Norman Reedus
Karen Sillas
Ellen Ryba
Jeffrey Townsend
John McEntire
Billy Hopkins
Kerry Barden
John Hughes
Suzanne Smith
John J. Campbell
William Ryan
Gerald B. Greenberg
Joe Bristol
Alicia Accardo
Ricardo Mestres
Rosalie Piazza
Caty Maxey
Miriam Hoffman-Durand
Lexa Van Doren
Reach the Rock filming locations

Reach the Rock film locations

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