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Laughter and Punishment (2003)

Comedy, Drama

French director Isabelle Doval directs her husband, popular comedic actor José Garcia, in the comedy Rire et Chatiment (Laughter and Punishment). Vincent (Garcia) is a popular physician whose aggressive need to be funny and get people's attention annoys his girlfriend, Camille (Doval), to the point that she leaves him. He begins to suspect she might have been onto something when his behavior begins causing people to die.
François Berland
Renaud Rutten
Bénédicte Charpiat
Valérie Benguigui
Marie Mergey
Jean-Marie Lamour
Benoît Poelvoorde
José Garcia
Delphine Bibet
Véronique Picciotto
Philippe Uchan
Laurent Lucas
Ahcène Nini
Alain Bouzigues
Judith El Zein
Isabelle Doval
Olivier Dague
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