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Secrets & Lies (1996)


With both her adoptive parents now dead, a black optometrist decides to make contact with her birth mother, but is shocked to find out that she is white.
Theresa Watson
Su Eliott
Lee Ross
Angela Curran
Grant Masters
Paul Trussell
Brian Bovell
Brenda Blethyn
Sheila Kelley
David Neilson
Jean Ainslie
Denise Orita
Michele Austin
Hannah Davis
Emma Amos
Timothy Spall
Phyllis Logan
Gordon Winter
Rachel Lewis
Terence Harvey
Elizabeth Berrington
Elias Perkins McCook
Keylee Jade Flanders
Kate O'Malley
Alison Steadman
Annie Hayes
Gary McDonald
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Trevor Laird
Anthony O'Donnell
Ruth Sheen
Peter Stockbridge
Lesley Manville
Joe Tucker
Di Sherlock
Richard Syms
Peter Wight
Nitin Ganatra
Frances Ruffelle
Stephen Churchett
Jonny Coyne
Janice Acquah
Linda Beckett
Ron Cook
Metin Marlow
Clare Perkins
Wendy Nottingham
Amanda Crossley
Liz Smith
Mia Soteriou
Claire Rushbrook
Peter Waddington
Jane Mitchell
Phil Davis
Margery Withers
Lucy Sheen
Alison Chitty
Mike Leigh
Maria Price
Dick Pope
Jon Gregory
Andrew Dickson
George Richards
Simon Channing Williams
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United Kingdom


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