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The Making of 'Superman: The Movie' (1980)


Ernie Anderson narrates this look at the making of Richard Donner's blockbuster 1978 film. Behind-the-scenes footage, as well as scenes from the film, reveal just how audiences were able to "believe a man can fly." This program features interviews with key cast and crew.
Ruth Morley
Susannah York
Christopher Reeve
Ned Beatty
Rex Reed
Saul Harrison
Harry Andrews
Sarah Douglas
Richard Donner
Terence Stamp
Jackie Cooper
Jack O'Halloran
Gene Hackman
Joe Shuster
Marc McClure
Ernie Anderson
Trevor Howard
Glenn Ford
Andy Warhol
John Barry
Margot Kidder
Maria Schell
Valerie Perrine
Larry Hagman
Kirk Alyn
Noel Neill
Marlon Brando
Alexander Salkind
Gordon Arnell
Pierre Spengler
Ilya Salkind
Iain Johnstone
Maria Monreal
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