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Tapas (2005)

Comedy, Drama

The film centers on a Spanish tapas bar and the love lives of the loosely interconnected people in the neighborhood surrounding the bar. The pairs of lovers include a middle aged woman and a young man; an elderly, drug dealing woman and her terminally ill husband in poor health; the tapas bar owner and his estranged wife; and two Chinese immigrants.
Ferran Adrià
Alberto Jo Lee
Cecilia Rossetto
María Galiana
Amparo Moreno
Ángel de Andrés López
Anna Barrachina
Eduardo Blanco
Blanca Apilánez
Elvira Mínguez
Darío Paso
Rosario Pardo
Alberto de Mendoza
Rubén Ochandiano
Juan Cruz
José Corbacho
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Tapas film locations

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