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The Great Wall of China: The Hidden Story (2014)

History, Documentary

It's the most extraordinary feat of engineering in history, and one of the most iconic man-made structures on the planet - the Great Wall of China, stretching thousands of miles across barren deserts and treacherous mountains before finally plunging into the sea. But why did the Chinese go to such staggering lengths to build it, and what are the secrets that have enabled it to survive for over 2,000 years? Now, ground breaking science is re-writing its complex history and de-coding its mysteries to reveal that there is much more to the Great Wall than just bricks and mortar. Cutting edge chemistry reveals that the secret to the Great Wall's remarkable strength is a simple ingredient found in every kitchen, and a new survey also determines that its length is truly amazing, as we finally solve the enigma at the heart of the world's greatest mega-structure.
Mike Loades
Guohua Xu
Dr Bingjian Zhang
Paul McGann
William Lindesay
Richard Lace
Bill Locke
Jamie Hartland
Qiao Xin
Shahana Meer
Ian Bremner
Brian McDairmant
Dani Barry
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