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The Night of the Following Day (1969)

Drama, Crime

A gang of four professional criminals kidnaps a wealthy teenage girl from an airport in Paris in a meticulous plan to extort money from the girl's wealthy father. Holding her prisoner in an isolated beach house, the gang's scheme runs perfectly until their personal demons surface and lead to a series of betrayals.
Pierre Vaudier
Albert Michel
Rita Moreno
Gérard Buhr
Lucien Desagneaux
Éric Rophé
Jess Hahn
Jacques Marin
Pamela Franklin
Richard Boone
Marlon Brando
Hugues Wanner
Pierre Marcade
Elliott Kastner
Willy Kurant
Jacky Reynal
Georges Pellegrin
Jerry Gershwin
Hubert Cornfield
Ken Scrivener
Robert Phippeny
Stanley Myers
Al Lettieri
Jean Boulet
Marion Rosenberg
Antoine Garabedian
Lionel White
Louis Fleury
Gordon Pilkington
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