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The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)


The four sons of Katie Elder reunite in their Hometown of Clearwater, Texas for their Mother's funeral, and discover that the family ranch is now in the hands of Morgan Hastings, the town's gunsmith.
George Kennedy
Karl Swenson
James Gregory
James Westerfield
Earl Holliman
Jeremy Slate
Strother Martin
John Doucette
Sheldon Allman
Rodolfo Acosta
Dennis Hopper
Martha Hyer
John Qualen
John Wayne
Paul Fix
Michael Anderson Jr.
Chuck Roberson
Percy Helton
John Litel
Rhys Williams
Dean Martin
Elmer Bernstein
Hal B. Wallis
Charles Grenzbach
Warren Low
Joseph H. Hazen
Loren Cosand
Hal Pereira
Harry Essex
Edith Head
Web Overlander
Dorothy White
Lucien Ballard
Paul Nathan
Harold Lewis
Ray Moyer
Walter H. Tyler
Talbot Jennings
Michael D. Moore
Sam Comer
William W. Gray
William H. Wright
Henry Hathaway
Allan Weiss
The Sons of Katie Elder filming locations

The Sons of Katie Elder film locations

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