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The Tall Men (1955)


Two brothers discharged from the Confederate Army join a businessman for a cattle drive from Texas to Montana where they run into raiding Jayhawkers, angry Sioux, rough terrain and bad weather.
Jane Russell
Steve Darrell
Russell Simpson
Argentina Brunetti
Juan García
Gertrude Graner
Rudy Bowman
Cameron Mitchell
Tom Fadden
J. Lewis Smith
Harry Carter
Robert Ryan
Carl Harbaugh
Bob Burns
Tex Holden
Post Park
Frank Baker
George Huggins
Clark Gable
Cap Somers
Ann Kunde
Emile Meyer
Doris Kemper
Robert Adler
Harry Shannon
Dick Johnstone
Chet Brandenburg
Chuck Roberson
Dan White
Will Wright
Jack Mather
Mae Marsh
William A. Bacher
Louis R. Loeffler
Leo Tover
William B. Hawks
Victor Young
Raoul Walsh
Frank S. Nugent
Mark-Lee Kirk
Heck Allen
Sydney Boehm
Lyle R. Wheeler
Ben Nye
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