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2 locations in Richmond and Bowen Island

The Uninvited (2009)


Anna returns home after spending time in a psychiatric facility following her mother's tragic death and discovers that her mother's former nurse, Rachel, has moved into their house and become engaged to her father. Soon after she learns this shocking news, Anna is visited by her mother's ghost, who warns her that Rachel has evil intentions.
Don S. Davis
Maya Massar
Arielle Kebbel
Troy Rudolph
Alf Humphreys
Heather Doerksen
Matthew Bristol
Emily Browning
Elizabeth Banks
Dean Paul Gibson
Jesse Moss
Ryan Cowie
Kevin McNulty
Danny Bristol
David Strathairn
Lex Burnham
John Prowse
Greg P. Russell
Chris Roff
Daniel Landin
Lee Anne Muldoon
Clint Wilcox
Michael J. Broomberg
Bev Wright
Tannis Vallely
Kathleen Whelan
Debbie Geaghan
Heike Brandstatter
Michael Hibberson
Kimberly French
Casey Grant
Teresa Ngan
Roy Lee
Rob Young
Margot Ready
Dan Fraser
William H. Orr
Trish Keating
Sherry Linder-Gygli
Jason Crosby
Tiffany S. Griffith
Scott Irvine
Thomas Guard
Dean Collins
G.W. Brown
Jim Page
Keith Woods
Christopher Young
Hugo Weng
Charles Guard
Lisa Leung
Gitte Axen
Jeff Sawyer
Charlene Callihoo
David E. Fluhr
Andrew Menzies
Donna Bis
Kim Jee-woon
James Bitonti
Lorraine Rozon
Stephen S. Campanelli
Bruce Woloshyn
James S. Harvey
Bill Burns
Michael Grillo
Kirk Moses
Tom Pollock
Walter F. Parkes
Stefan Sonnenfeld
Laurie MacDonald
Doug Miro
Jim Brebner
Leigh Folsom Boyd
Christian Wagner
Stephen Nakamura
Debra Zane
Doug Davison
Derek Pippert
Charles Leitrants
Vince Filippone
David Holm
David Werntz
Haida Harper
Dominique Fauquet-Lemaitre
Karen Schell
Terry Garcia
Gary A. Hecker
Bill Terezakis
Rick Hromadka
Gail Barrett
Sean M. Harding
Michel Aller
Tricia Chiarenza
Coreen Mayrs
Scott Hecker
Denise Horta
Missy Papageorge
Craig Rosenberg
Caitlin McKenna
Drew Davidson
Jeffrey J. Haboush
Marny Eng
Alicia Johnson
Carlo Bernard
Miguel Rivera
Shannon McFarlane
Nick Monton
David Parker
Shaun Gordon
Bryan Korenberg
Victoria Down
Kim Olsen
Anthony Chruszcz
Ivan Reitman
David Clarke
Susan Lambie
Abigail Callahan
Shelley Maclean
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The Uninvited film locations


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