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The Wings of the Dove (1997)

Romance, Drama

Kate is secretly betrothed to a struggling journalist, Merton Densher. But she knows her Aunt Maude will never approve of the match, since Kate's deceased mother has lost all her money in a marriage to a degenerate opium addict. When Kate meets a terminally ill American heiress named Millie traveling through Europe, she comes up with a conniving plan to have both love and wealth.
Alison Elliott
Charlotte Rampling
Michael Gambon
Diana Kent
Alex Jennings
Shirley Chantrell
Helena Bonham Carter
Alexander John
Linus Roache
Philip Wright
Elizabeth McGovern
Ben Miles
Billy Hopkins
Kerry Barden
Anna Worley
Harvey Weinstein
Michelle Guish
Suzanne Smith
Hossein Amini
Dominic Lester
John Beard
Stephen Evans
David Parfitt
Mark Cooper
Bob Weinstein
Caroline Wood
Becky Bentham
Stephen McLaughlin
Lauren Potter
Ed Shearmur
Paul Feldsher
Henry James
Paula Boram
Martyn John
Joanne Woollard
Ed Colyer
Steve Schwalbe
Maggie Rodford
Andrew Sanders
Barry Gibbs
Iain Softley
Dean Humphreys
Robin O'Donoghue
Sandy Powell
Eduardo Serra
Tariq Anwar
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