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2 locations in Loma and Jersey City

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995)


Three New York drag queens on their way to Hollywood for a beauty pageant get stranded in a small Midwestern town for the entire weekend when their car breaks down. While waiting for parts for their Cadillac convertible, the flamboyant trio shows the local homophobic rednecks that appearing different doesn't mean they don't have humanity in common.
Ron Carley
Jesse Wells Martin
Jason London
Philip Stoehr
James Palacio
Joe Grojean
Wesley Snipes
Candis Cayne
William P. Hopkins
Shari Shell-True
Shelton McDonald
Widow Norton
Stockard Channing
Joel Story
Mishell Chandler
Melinda Dillon
CoCo LaChine
Miss Coco Peru
John Leguizamo
Robin Williams
George Costacos
Blythe Danner
Dean Houser
Niasse N. Mamadou
Quentin Crisp
David Drumgold
Allen Hidalgo
Tim Keller
Billie J. Diekman
Michael Vartan
Naomi Campbell
Patrick Tuttle
Johnathan Staci Kim
Chauncey Duren
Dayton Callie
Mike Hodge
Shea R. Bredenkamp
Chris Place
Mike Fulk
Patrick Swayze
Jimmy Ashmore
Margaret H. Flynn
Marshall Factora
Jamie Leigh Wolbert
Matthew Kasten
Chris Penn
Channing Roos
Arliss Howard
Joey Arias
Shea Degan
Abie Hope Hyatt
Jennifer Milmore
Miss Understood
Alice Drummond
Lionel Tiburcio
Timothy A. Zimmerman
David Barton
Alphonso King, Jr.
Keith Reddin
Flotilla DeBarge
Michael Tushaus
Susanne Bartsch
Lady Bunny
Brian Ferrari
Julie Newmar
Lito Wilson
Beth Grant
Bernard A. Mosca
Marceline Hugot
Richard Ogden
Daniel T. 'Sweetie' Boothe
Catiria Reyes
Jamie Harrold
Steven Polito
G. Mac Brown
Billy Hopkins
Erik Knight
Beeban Kidron
Kerry Barden
Kevin P. Faherty
Douglas Carter Beane
Suzanne Smith
Ted Glass
Mitchell Kohn
Walter F. Parkes
Steve Mason
Rachel Portman
Marlene Stewart
E. J. Foerster
Mary Cybulski
Wynn Thomas
Bruce Cohen
Andrew Mondshein
Robert Guerra
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