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5 locations in New York and Oyster Bay

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Romance, Comedy

Dedicated environmental lawyer Lucy Kelson goes to work for billionaire George Wade as part of a deal to preserve a community center. Indecisive and weak-willed George grows dependent on Lucy's guidance on everything from legal matters to clothing. Exasperated, Lucy gives notice and picks Harvard graduate June Carter as her replacement. As Lucy's time at the firm nears an end, she grows jealous of June and has second thoughts about leaving George.
Francie Swift
Wynter Kullman
Janine LaManna
Sharon Wilkins
Heather Burns
Tim Kang
Mark Zeisler
Libby West
Hugh Grant
Charlotte Maier
Robert Klein
Jason Antoon
Iraida Polanco
Alicia Witt
Jonathan Dokuchitz
Rocco Musacchia
Dana Ivey
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
Donald Trump
Dorian Missick
David Haig
Mandy Siegfried
Shannon Fiedler
Veanne Cox
Katheryn Winnick
Francesca Paris
László Kovács
Bruce Berman
Sandra Bullock
Peter Bucossi
Ilene Starger
Zoe E. Rotter
Marc Lawrence
Ray Kluga
Michael Kriston
Nathan Hankins
Anthony Veader
Tom Fleischman
Jonathan Arkin
Susan E. Morse
John Powell
Christine Moosher
Jery Hewitt
Carla White
Sondra James
Karen E. Etcoff
Scott Elias
Mary McLaglen
Martin Czembor
Bill Tripician
Patricia Regan
Peter S. Larkin
Janice Wilde
Pamela S. Westmore
Gary Jones
Mark Scoon
Two weeks notice filming locations

Two Weeks Notice film locations