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Up Close & Personal (1996)

Romance, Drama

Tally Atwater has a dream: to be a prime-time network newscaster. She pursues this dream with nothing but ambition, raw talent and a homemade demo tape. Warren Justice is a brilliant, hard edged, veteran newsman. He sees Tally has talent and becomes her mentor. Tally’s career takes a meteoric rise and she and Warren fall in love. The romance that results is as intense and revealing as television news itself. Yet, each breaking story, every videotaped crisis that brings them together, also threatens to drive them apart...
Heidi Swedberg
Michael Villani
Glenn Plummer
Stockard Channing
Yareli Arizmendi
Joe Mantegna
Scott Bryce
Lily Gibson
Raymond Cruz
Dennis Dun
Michelle Pfeiffer
Brian Markinson
James Rebhorn
Elizabeth Ruscio
Robert Keith Watson
Daniel Zacapa
Dedee Pfeiffer
Noble Willingham
Lorielle New
Robert Redford
Kate Nelligan
Salvador Levy
Joanna Sanchez
Michael Laskin
Miguel Sandoval
James Karen
Ronnie Specter
Jordan Kerner
John Foreman
Alan D'Angerio
Robin Citrin
Debra Neil-Fisher
Loren Corl
Bill Bernstein
Karen Golden
David Nicksay
Scott Rudin
Patricia M. Peters
Lisa Lindstrom
Nancy Jane King
Joan Didion
Bruce Alan Miller
David Rubin
Fern Buchner
Scott Harris
David McGiffert
Charles M. Wilborn
Thomas Newman
Ed Hookstratten
D. Scott Easton
Jon Avnet
Kathy Nelson
Gary Liddiard
Jeremy Conway
John Gregory Dunne
Peter Owen
Mark W. Mansbridge
Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Albert Wolsky
Bunny Parker
Alan Robert Murray
Martin Huberty
Dorree Cooper
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Up Close & Personal film locations

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