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Amorous Pancho Villa (2013)

History, Romance, Drama

The assassination of Pancho Villa, on the outskirts of Parral, Chihuahua, plunged the city into mourning, and a wake for the revolutionary hero was held by his closest collaborators. Conspicuous among the mourners were the four women with whom Villa was having intimate relationships at the time of his death. Now that Villa is no longer around to mediate and keep them apart, tensions between the women grow and intensify, with unexpected consequences. An intimate and human portrait of the Centaur of the North.
Alejandro Navarrete
Rocío Verdejo
Leticia Fabian
Verónica Jaspeado
Ximena Ayala
Joaquín Cosío
Diana Bracho
Paola Nuñez
Dominika Paleta
Omar Mendoza
Tomás Rojas
Mauricio Isaac
Valentín Trujillo hijo
Teresa Ruiz
Gabriela Canudas
Elias Godoy Ortiz
Antonella Samaniego
Arturo Tekayehuatzin
Mayra Mendoza Villa
Lourdes Deschamps
Mario Hernández
Juan Andrés Bueno
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