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Yo soy ésa (1990)

Music, Drama

Carmen Torres, a famous and renowned singer, lives the fame aware of what it implies, but Jorge Olmedo, her shadow partner, succumbs to a world in which drugs and poker games reign. Husband and wife travel to Seville to see the premiere of "Yo soy ésa", a film in which both see their lives captured long ago, a dose of reality that will help them realize that they no longer love each other the same.
Carmen Bernardos
Alberto Alonso
Juan Echanove
Loles León
Jose Coronado
Paco Catalá
Aurora Redondo
Luis Barbero
Isabel Pantoja
Francisco Camoiras
Matías Prats Sr.
María Asquerino
Mari Carmen Alvarado
Elisa Matilla
Luis Sanz
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