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A Girl Cut in Two

Gabrielle Deneige is an independent, ambitious TV weather girl torn between her love of a distinguished author several decades her senior, and the attentions of a headstrong, potentially unstable young suitor. An unspoken past between the two men heightens tensions, and though she's initially certain of her love for one them, the see-saw demands and whims of both men keep confusing - and darkening - matters. Before long she's encountering emotional and societal forces well beyond her control, inexorably leading to a shocking clash of violence and passion.
Etienne Chicot
Fanny Gatibelza
Véronique Kapoyan
Gérard Moulévrier
Marie Bunel
Yannick Laurent
Alain Blazquez
Mélanie Vaudaine
Caroline Silhol
Patrick Zimmermann
Antoine Bérard
Alain Bauguil
Valéria Cavalli
Jean-Marie Winling
André Asséo
Henri-Edouard Osinski
Hubert Saint-Macary
Raphaël Neal
Clémence Bretécher
Daniel Zieba
Emanuel Booz
Jeanne Brouaye
Pierre-François Dumeniaud
Nicole Biondi
Thomas Poulard
Benoît Magimel
Édouard Baer
Denis Bénoliel
Thomas Chabrol
Mathilda May
Sandra Rebocho
Valentin Traversi
Mathieu Cléchet
Charley Fouquet
Françoise Gambey
Marie Oury
Ludivine Sagnier
Stéphane Debac
François Berléand
Benoît Charpentier
Béatrice Audry
Laurent Paillot
Vincent Guillerminet
Didier Bénureau
Jérémie Chaplain
Pierre-Henri Gibert
Aurélie Rameau
Mic Cheminal
Patrick Godeau
Sandrine Rouquié
Françoise Benoît-Fresco
Cécile Maistre-Chabrol
Joana Synek
Grégory Back
Julien Brun
Monique Fardoulis
Michel Jullien
Cécile Regnauld
Claude Chabrol
Matthieu Chabrol
Alexandre Laforest
Eduardo Serra
Maya Benamer
A Girl Cut in Two filming locations

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