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3 locations in Downey, New York and Pasadena

An Englishman's Home

A German spy is dispatched to Britain to search out targets for a planned invasion.
Albert de Courville
Mark Lester
Edmund Gwenn
Carl Jaffe
Meinhart Maur
Geoffrey Toone
Mary Maguire
Norah Howard
Paul Henreid
Richard Ainley
Mavis Villiers
Desmond Tester
Rodney Ackland
Neville E. Neville
Lister Laurance
Mutz Greenbaum
C. Wilfred Arnold
Ian Hay
Dennis Wheatley
Harry Davis
Guy du Maurier
Albert de Courville
A.W. Watkins
Edward Knoblock
Louis Levy
Cyril J. Knowles
An Englishman's Home filming locations

An Englishman's Home film locations