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Daniel is approaching forty. Laura is almost sixteen. From what they say about him he must be a poet or a comic-strip illustrator, or both. He has just overcome a long addiction and, once back home, is trying to recongnize his life based on a strategy which consists basically in DOING EXACTLY WHAT A "NORMAL" PERSON DOES. Everything that happens to Daniel is, more or less, foreseeable because that's what it's all about: he should look after his personal grooming, take care of the small things, immerse himself in the real world... and so on until he has completed the ten small achievements in his manual, a set of COMMANDMENTS devised by an insipid public health system psychiatrist. And, in the midst of all this, an unexpected happening: Laura arrives in the city searching for her brother Andres, Daniel's neighbor. But the brother is not home and she decides to wait for him, while organizing around Daniel what could be his "perfect world".
Santi Amodeo
Manolo Solo
Nancho Novo
Álex O'Dogherty
Teresa Hurtado de Ory
Juan Motilla
Santi Amodeo
Astronautas filming locations

Astronautas film locations

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