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King Henry II of England has trouble with the Church. When the Archbishop of Canterbury dies, he has a brilliant idea. Rather than appoint another pious cleric loyal to Rome and the Church, he will appoint his old drinking and wenching buddy, Thomas Becket, technically a deacon of the church, to the post. Unfortunately, Becket takes the job seriously and provides abler opposition to Henry. Preserved by the Academy Film Archive in 2003.
Peter Glenville
Peter Prowse
Richard Burton
Geoffrey Bayldon
Magda Konopka
Laurence Hepworth
Tutte Lemkow
John Phillips
Paul Farrell
Roy Beck
Gino Cervi
Inigo Jackson
Frederick Piper
Donald Wolfit
Felix Aylmer
Hamilton Dyce
Patrick Halpin
Elizabeth Taylor
George Lane Cooper
Ian Cullen
Laurie Heath
Gerald Lawson
Riggs O'Hara
Peter O'Toole
Michael Anthony
Steve Plytas
Percy Herbert
Pamela Brown
Fred Stroud
Guy Deghy
Wilfrid Lawson
John Moulder-Brown
Michael Miller
Linda Marlowe
David Weston
Paul Layton
Véronique Vendell
Terence Soall
Edward Woodward
Jack Taylor
Jennifer Hilary
Niall MacGinnis
Alex Scott
Garrett Cassell
Frank Pettingell
Rose Howlett
Dido Plumb
John Doye
Chris Adcock
Royston Tickner
Siân Phillips
Paolo Stoppa
Graham Stark
Christopher Rhodes
Peter Jeffrey
Ivor Dean
John Gielgud
Dave Clark
Martita Hunt
Fred Wood
Robert Rietti
David Davenport
Patrick Newell
Victor Spinetti
Lucienne Hill
Geoffrey Unsworth
Hal B. Wallis
Anne V. Coates
Joseph H. Hazen
John Bryan
Edward Anhalt
Peter Glenville
Maurice Carter
Jean Anouilh
Laurence Rosenthal
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