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Blame It on Rio

Matthew Hollis is man on holiday in Rio with his best friend. Both men have teenage daughters with them. When Matthew falls for his best friend's amorous daughter named Jennifer, they embark on a secret, if slightly one-sided relationship. Jennifer's father is furious when he finds out about the 'older man' in his daughter's life, and sets out to hunt him down with the aid of Matthew!
Valerie Harper
Zeni Pereira
Michael Menaugh
Rômulo Arantes
Demi Moore
Tessy Callado
Michael Caine
Michelle Johnson
Eduardo Conde
Lupe Gigliotti
Angelo DeMatos
José Lewgoy
Betty von Wien
Joseph Bologna
Stanley Donen
Sally Jones
Charlie Peters
Robert E. Relyea
Wallis Nicita
Reynaldo Villalobos
Larry Gelbart
Kenneth Wannberg
Marcos Flaksman
Bruce McNall
Richard Marden
Oscar Castro-Neves
George B. Hively
Blame It on Rio filming locations

Blame It on Rio film locations

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