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Follows the tale of a young woman’s sexual awakening and subsequent journey around the world in pursuit of her ideal lover. Encounters include an Arabian sheik and a Spanish bullfighter. Her friend and butler accompany her and help to arrange her couplings.
Olivia d'Abo
George Kennedy
Andrea Occhipinti
Paul Stacey
Ian Cochrane
Greg Bensen
James Stacey
Mirta Miller
Ana Obregón
John Derek
Bo Derek
Peter Bernstein
Gary Alexander
Chris Jenkins
Mickey Knox
Menahem Golan
Richard Gamble
Honorio Cruz
William Randall
Stanley B. Gill
Alan Roderick-Jones
Gordon Davidson
Robert G. Henderson
Pablo Espinosa
Yoram Globus
Larry Stensvold
Rony Yacov
Kathy Durning
Isabel Ruiz Capillas
Alan Robert Murray
Karen Rasch
Bolero filming locations

Bolero film locations

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