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Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova is a romantic comedy that enfolds many love convergences and divergences, in today’s Rio de Janeiro. It’s in the city’s “useless landscape” that the lonely hearts of nine characters will cross destinies and they’ll discover new passions. The meeting place for these journeys is a charming English teacher, Mary Ann Simpson, former airline stewardess, who’s been living in Rio for two years, since she became a widow, and the newly separated Pedro Paulo. They approach each other without a hint that their lives will be linked by many characters and incidents.
Kate Lyra
Débora Bloch
Drica Moraes
Giovanna Antonelli
Amy Irving
Antônio Fagundes
Alexandre Borges
Kazuo Matsui
Luiz Carlos Barreto
Pascal Rabaud
Emilia Duncan
Cassio Amarante
Ray Hubley
Carla Caffé
Alexandre Machado
Fernanda Young
Eumir Deodato
Bruno Barreto
Bossa Nova filming locations

Bossa Nova film locations

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