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Brain Drain

Emilio, a shy, not too brilliant pupil at a humble local secondary school, has always harboured a secret love for Natalia, the cutest, brightest girl in the class. On the last day of the school year, when he finally decides to declare his love, Natalia is awarded a scholarship to study Medicine at Oxford. It would seem that all is lost for Emilio, but his drop-out school-pals are not ready to throw in the towel. After faking qualifications and scholarships, this band of brainless nuts land in Oxford, causing havoc in the normally peaceful campus existence. —The Film Catalogue
Fernando González Molina
Carlos Santos
José Luis Gil
Asunción Balaguer
Mariano Peña
María León
Loles León
Pablo Penedo
Alberto Amarilla
Blanca Suárez
Amaia Salamanca
Canco Rodríguez
Gorka Lasaosa
Álex Angulo
Mario Casas
Curro Velázquez
Álex Pina
Fernando González Molina
Brain Drain filming locations

Brain Drain film locations

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