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Campus Man

Todd Barret is an aspiring businessman. He's got what it takes, but what he doesn't have is enough money to stay in college. So he cooks up a plan to make the first ever all male sports calendar. He eventually convinces Cactus Jack, a very shadowy and tough loan shark, to give him enough money to make the deal. Todd makes enough to pay for his education, but what about the money he owes Cactus Jack?
Ron Casden
Josef Rainer
Kathleen Wilhoite
John Dye
Morgan Fairchild
Steven Lyon
Miles O'Keeffe
Kim Delaney
Richard Alexander
John Welsh
John C. Meier
Holly Davis
Francis Kenny
Jon Landau
Aleks Horvat
Matt Dorff
Gregory J. Barnett
Geoffrey Baere
Ron Casden
James Newton Howard
Campus Man filming locations

Campus Man film locations

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