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Chimes at Midnight

Henry IV usurps the English throne, sets in motion the factious War of the Roses and now faces a rebellion led by Northumberland scion Hotspur. Henry's heir, Prince Hal, is a ne'er-do-well carouser who drinks and causes mischief with his low-class friends, especially his rotund father figure, John Falstaff. To redeem his title, Hal may have to choose between allegiance to his real father and loyalty to his friend.
Tony Beckley
Fernando Rey
Jeanne Moreau
Patrick Bedford
Beatrice Welles
Walter Chiari
Keith Baxter
Ralph Richardson
Jeremy Rowe
Alan Webb
Marina Vlady
Margaret Rutherford
John Gielgud
José Nieto
Luis de Tejada
Andrew Faulds
Ingrid Pitt
Norman Rodway
Michael Aldridge
Francisco Puyol
José Antonio de la Guerra
Emiliano Piedra
Tony Fuentes
Carlo Franci
Orson Welles
Jesús Franco
Alejandro Ulloa
Frederick Muller
Edmond Richard
Gustavo Quintana
William Shakespeare
Alessandro Tasca
Peter Parasheles
Adolphe Charlet
Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Elena Jaumandreu
Harry Saltzman
Raphael Holinshed
Ángel Escolano
Chimes at Midnight filming locations

Chimes at Midnight film locations

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