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Citizen Ruth

"Citizen Ruth" is the story of Ruth Stoops, a woman who nobody even noticed -- until she got pregnant. Now, everyone wants a piece of her. The film is a comedy about one woman caught in the ultimate tug-of-war: a clash of wild, noisy, ridiculous people that rapidly dissolves into a media circus.
Alexander Payne
Caveh Zahedi
Burt Reynolds
Tippi Hedren
Kelly Preston
Swoosie Kurtz
Mary Kay Place
David Graf
Alicia Witt
M.C. Gainey
Laura Dern
Delaney Driscoll
Diane Ladd
Kenneth Mars
Kurtwood Smith
Rolfe Kent
Lisa Beach
Jim Taylor
Basti Van Der Woude
Brian McManus
Angela Moos
Alexander Payne
Randa Rai Slack
Tom McKinley
Tracy Thies
Wes Clowers
James Glennon
Lisa Denker
Jane Ann Stewart
Kevin Tent
Robyn Munger
Cathy Konrad
Cary Woods
Citizen Ruth filming locations

Citizen Ruth film locations

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