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Dorothy Mills

When a gloomy, God-fearing island community is rocked by the assault of an infant, a psychiatrist is called in to examine Dorothy Mills, the teenager accused of the crime. Despite the villagers' hostility to her inquiry, she soon comes to suspect that Dorothy suffers from multiple personality disorder...
Agnès Merlet
Charlene McKenna
Carice van Houten
David Wilmot
Rynagh O'Grady
Gary Lewis
David Ganly
Jenn Murray
Ger Ryan
Giorgos Arvanitis
Jon Stevenson
Maureen Hughes
Muriel Bell
Fionn Higgins
Adam Tsan
Eric Jehelmann
John Conroy
Caoimhe Doyle
John Fitzgerald
Suzanne Cave
Emer Conroy
Jean-Luc Ormières
Juliette Sales
Andrew Felton
David Wilson
Addo Gallagher
James Flynn
Joni Galvin
Alex Hudd
Jonathan Shaw
Laurent Boudaud
Olivier Delbosc
Stephen Murphy
Marc Missonnier
Monica Coleman
Andrew Hegarty
Agnès Merlet
Nathaniel Méchaly
Dorothy Mills filming locations

Dorothy Mills film locations

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