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Durval Records

Durval and his mother Carmita live at the back of "Durval Discos", a record store they own in São Paulo, specializing in vinyl records. They lead a boring and unattractive life, until the day Durval hires a maid, Celia, to help his mother with the housekeeping. However, on her second day, Celia goes away leaving a 5-year-old child behind, Kiki, and a note promising to be back in a couple of days. Durval and Celia are charmed by the child at first, but soon they see some sad news about Celia and Kiki on TV that will change the whole situation.
Rita Lee
Marisa Orth
Letícia Sabatella
Ary França
Isabela Guasco
Theo Werneck
Etty Fraser
Vânia Debs
Jacob Solitrenick
Anna Muylaert
Ana Mara Abreu
André Abujamra
Miriam Biderman
Durval Records filming locations

Durval Records film locations

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