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A sensuous and ethereal story of two young women falling in love for the first time. Young, beautiful Àsia lies in a coma, her mother and boyfriend keeping constant vigil by her side. In flashback we see what led up to her accident, her life studying architecture at university, the somewhat overbearing relationship she has with her mother and her passionless relationship with Nathaniel.
Jesús Garay
Chus Leiva
Ramón Garrido
Marina Andruix
Toni Arteaga
Ainhoa Alsina
Laura Conejero
Nuria Parlade
Miranda Makaroff
Diana Gómez
Bernat Saumell
Núria Hosta
Carolina Montoya
Mónica Moreira
Carles Sales
Jaume Madaula
Eduard Farelo
Ariadna Cabrol
José Luis García Arrojo
Mercè Espelleta
J.A. Pérez Giner
Elisa Plaza
Carles Cases
Anastasi Rinos
Jesús Garay
Cristina Moncunill
Carles Gusi
Eloise filming locations

Eloise film locations

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