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Empire of the Ants

A Florida real estate developer and her captain lure investors to a property in the Everglades called Dreamland Shores, under false pretenses that the swampland will soon be developed. After the group arrives on a small island, they find it has been overrun by giant mutated ants, brought on by the dumping of toxic waste in the area.
Irene Tedrow
John David Carson
Jim Wheelus
Harry Holcombe
Janie Gavin
Robert Lansing
Tom Fadden
Ilse Earl
Florance McGee
Mike Armstrong
Pamela Susan Shoop
Joan Collins
Norman Franklin
Tom Ford
Jacqueline Scott
Brooke Palance
Robert Pine
Charles Redd
Jack Kosslyn
Albert Salmi
Edward Power
Jack Turley
James E. Foote
Buddy Joe Hooker
Dominick Bruno
Anthony C. Montenaro
Mel Efros
Neil A. Machlis
Samuel Z. Arkoff
Romaine Greene
Bert I. Gordon
Billy Hank Hooker
William D. Barber
Hugh Hooker
Tom Finan
Ellis Burman Jr.
Ken Miller
Dana Kaproff
H.G. Wells
Bodie Chandler
David McGiffert
Charles Rosen
Reginald H. Morris
Lou Noto
Roy L. Downey
Lee Heckler
Adrienne Bourbeau
Tommy Magglos
Julian F. Myers
Dick Deats
James Quinn
Betty Martin
Ving Hershon
Michael Luciano
William L. Manger
Guy Del Russo
Vincent Saizis
Joanne Haas
Bill Berry
Empire of the Ants filming locations

Empire of the Ants film locations

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