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Everything in Place

Ignacio and Paul are father and son. The first is fifty-five, and the second is about thirty. In recent months, none of them have lived in the family home in which the two were the only occupants, Ignacio because emigrated to another city in search of employment, his son, who was admitted to a detoxification center. The chance that father and son wants to return to the people the same day. A Ignacio, in their new company, we have taken early retirement and has run out of excuses to prolong his absence the people and what was his family home. To Paul, meanwhile, have been discharged in the center and, from now on, you can continue your treatment in the outpatient own people
César Martínez Herrada
Cristina Plazas
Daniel Guzmán
Antonio Dechent
Alicia Mohino
José Luis García Pérez
César Martínez Herrada
Everything in Place filming locations

Everything in Place film locations

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