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Fènix 11-23

In the fall of 2004, Eric Bertrand, a 14 years , created a website inspired by "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" to defend the Catalan language. One night, thirty civil guards of anti-terrorist squad Madrid, burst into his home and accused of terrorist computer. His crime: send a mail asking about supermarkets labeling in Catalan.
Sergi Lara
Ana Wagener
Lluís Xavier Villanueva
Pep Tosar
Nil Cardoner
Pau Poch
David Arribas
Rosa Gàmiz
Roberto Álamo
Mireia Vilapuig
Àlex Casanovas
Sergi Lara
Joel Joan
Fènix 11-23 filming locations

Fènix 11-23 film locations

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