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Fish Tank

Mia is a rebellious teenager on the verge of being kicked out of school. Her hard-partying mother, Joanne, neglects Mia's welfare in favor of her own, and her younger sister hangs out with a much older crowd. Sparks fly between Mia and Connor, Joanne's new boyfriend, and he encourages Mia to pursue her interest in dance. As the boundaries of the relationships become blurred, Mia and Joanne compete for Connor's affection.
Katie Jarvis
Val King
Carrie-Ann Savill
Raquel Thomas
Natasha Ilic
Rebecca Griffiths
Chelsea Chase
Jack Gordon
Maxine Brogan
Peter Roue
Geoff McCracken
Charlie Baker
Anthony Geary
Sarah Bayes
Grant Wild
Charlotte Collins
Kirsty Smith
Brooke Hobby
Kirsty Page
Toyin Ogidi
Joanna Horton
Harry Treadaway
Jason Maza
Michael Fassbender
Sydney Mary Nash
Georgia Crane
Nick Staverson
Kierston Wareing
Kishana Thomas
Rachel Clark
James O'Donnell
Peter Eardley
Tom Deane
Naresh Kaushal
Naomi Dandridge
David M. Thompson
Liz Gallacher
Kees Kasander
Holly Freeman
Christine Langan
Nicolas Chaudeurge
Alexandra Montgomery
Christopher Wyatt
Andy Cole
Christer Melén
Linda Forsén
Carley Lane
Rob Pizzey
Andrea Arnold
Rebecca Lloyd
Robbie Ryan
Holly Horner
Marese Langan
Lotta Nilsson
Beth Timbrell
Lee Grumett
Phonso Martin
Jane Petrie
Sandra Downing
Tony Kay
Joakim Sundström
Jo Tew
Siobhan Boyes
Abbi Collins
Emma Davie
Ben Gladstone
Per Boström
Helen Scott
Alex King
Jill Trevellick
John Watters
John Colley
Sarah Franzl
Sunanda Biswas
Nick Laws
Rashad Hall-Heinz
John David Gunkle
Emma Zee
Lisette Kelder
Ulf Olausson
Paul Trijbits
Fish Tank filming locations

Fish Tank film locations

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