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Flying Down to Rio

A dance band leader finds love and success in Brazil.
Thornton Freeland
Roy D'Arcy
Luis Alberni
Leon Beaumon
Eddie Borden
Walter Walker
Lucile Browne
Adrian Rosley
Reginald Barlow
Mary Kornman
Eric Blore
Hazel Hayes
Clarence Muse
Paul Porcasi
Dolores del Río
Etta Moten
Emilio Fernández
Blanche Friderici
Armand Kaliz
Maurice Black
Ginger Rogers
Betty Furness
Franklin Pangborn
Gino Corrado
Ray Cooke
Don Barry
Raul Roulien
Gene Raymond
Jack Goode
Fred Astaire
Alice Gentle
Walter Plunkett
Cyril Hume
Ray Romero
Edward Eliscu
Anne Caldwell
Van Nest Polglase
Tillie Starriett
Vincent Youmans
Lou Brock
Thornton Freeland
Hermes Pan
Philip Faulkner Jr.
Carroll Clark
Mel Berns
Erwin S. Gelsey
Jack Kitchin
Merian C. Cooper
J. Roy Hunt
Gus Kahn
H.W. Hanemann
Flying Down to Rio filming locations

Flying Down to Rio film locations

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