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Forty Little Mothers

After finding and adopting a child, a man gets a job at an all-girls school which doesn't allow families. Once the girls find the baby, they become his forty little mothers. At the same time, the child's true mother searches for him.
Anne Doria
Janine Darcey
Jean Périer
Pierre Juvenet
Aline Debray
Jacqueline Pacaud
René Bergeron
May Francine
Lucien Baroux
Gilbert Gil
Claire Gérard
Elisabeth Aumont
Milly Mathis
René Lacourt
Léonce Corne
Marcel Maupi
Liliane Gauthier
Jane Pierson
Roger Rosen
Jenny Carol
Georges Vitray
Paulette Houry
Madeleine Robinson
Nane Germon
André Siméon
Gary Garland
Wally Carveno
Marcel Carpentier
Pauline Carton
Michèle Morgan
Gabrielle Dorziat
Daniel Maya
André Cerf
Charles Spaak
Louis Page
Philippe Agostini
Michel Michelet
Jean Guitton
Michel Kelber
Léonide Moguy
Ayres de Aguiar
Forty Little Mothers filming locations

Forty Little Mothers film locations

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