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Fabián, a magician from Buenos Aires, saves his money from weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs, and uses a hidden camera to document a week-long trip to the Falkland Islands where he has a patriotic plan: to impregnate a British woman. If 500 Argies do this annually, the islands will soon be overrun with children belonging to both cultures. He spends his first couple of days in Stanley doing reconnaissance, setting his sights on Camila, whom he's first seen in church. He chats her up at an Internet café. They go out for drinks, then dinner, then to the see the King penguins and a 1982 battlefield. Back home, editing his Dogma 95 film, he receives a final message from Camila.
Camilla Heaney
Diego Dubcovsky
Daniel Fainzilber
Alejandro Hartmann
Fabián Stratas
José Luis Marqués
Sergio Figueroa
Guillermo Naistat
Jonathan Perel
Edi Flehner
Mariano Suez
Patricia Apter
Fuckland filming locations

Fuckland film locations

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