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Gidget Goes to Rome

Francis, now 17, is still in love with Moondoggy. She can persuade her parents to allow them a journey to Rome, together with two of her and two of his friends. However they have to take an adult with them, so they choose Peter's eccentric aunt. In Rome they get the beautiful guide Daniela, who's fascinating the guys and making especially Gidget jealous. She starts looking elsewhere herself.
Paul Wendkos
Eddie Foy Jr.
Cindy Carol
Don Porter
Luigi Bonos
Rod Dana
Mathilda Calnan
Evi Marandi
Joe Kamel
Noreen Corcoran
John Stacy
Eddra Gale
Danielle De Metz
Mimo Billi
Peter Brooks
Cesare Danova
Jim Dolen
Jeff Donnell
Jessie Royce Landis
Claudio Gora
Trudi Ames
Leonardo Botta
James Darren
Charles Borromel
Joby Baker
José Canalejas
Lisa Gastoni
Enzo Barboni
Robert Peterson
Dale Eunson
Katherine Albert
Paul Wendkos
Ruth Brooks Flippen
Jerry Bresler
John Williams
William A. Lyon
Robert J. Bronner
Frederick Kohner
Antonio Sarzi-Braga
Gidget Goes to Rome filming locations

Gidget Goes to Rome film locations

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