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Goin' South

Henry Moon is captured for a capital offense by a posse when his horse quits while trying to escape to Mexico. He finds that there is a post-Civil War law in the small town that any single or widowed woman can save him from the gallows by marrying him.
Jack Nicholson
Richard Bradford
Christopher Lloyd
George W. Smith
B. J. Merholz
Anne Ramsey
Lucy Lee Flippin
Annie Marshall
Dennis Fimple
Anita Terrian
R. L. Armstrong
Luana Anders
Jeff Morris
Britt Leach
Robert Wilson
Mary Steenburgen
Marsha Ferri
Don McGovern
Carlton Risdon
Tracey Walter
John Belushi
Lin Shaye
Maureen Byrnes
Veronica Cartwright
Ed Begley Jr.
Danny DeVito
Barbara Ann Grimes
Nancy Coan Kaclik
Georgia Schmidt
Gerald H. Reynolds
Al Ramrus
Harry Gittes
María de Jesús Lepe
Bill Rowe
John Fitzgerald Beck
Toby Carr Rafelson
Frank E. Warner
William Ware Theiss
Néstor Almendros
Agustín Ituarte
Bob Westmoreland
Van Dyke Parks
Alan Mandell
Perry Botkin Jr.
Art Rochester
Harold Schneider
Edie Panda
John Herman Shaner
Charles Shyer
Richard Chew
Jack Nicholson
Goin' South filming locations

Goin' South film locations

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