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Traveling on a ferry heading to the island of Hierro where they will spend their holidays, Mary loses her son Diego, and no one can explain what happened. Six months later, Maria struggles to overcome the pain of loss and continue his life. Then, you receive an unexpected phone call: they found the body of a child, so it must return to the island. There, in the suggestive and disturbing landscape, surrounded by disturbing and sinister characters, Mary is forced to confront their worst nightmares. And as he travels this road, he discovers that some mysteries should not be disclosed ...
Gabe Ibáñez
Mar Sodupe
Elena Anaya
Jon Ariño
Javier Mejía
Miriam Correa
Andrés Herrera
Hugo Arbues
Raquel Salvador
Tomás del Estal
Bea Segura
Kaiet Rodríguez
Javier Gullón
Zacarías M. de la Riva
Alejandro Martínez
Gabe Ibáñez
Hierro filming locations

Hierro film locations

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