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Hotel America

Helene, a pill-addicted anesthesiologist, is mourning the death of her boyfriend when, through a car accident she causes, she chances to meet the lethargic Gilles, a young man who lives for free at his mother's hotel. Gilles pursues Helene romantically, and she eventually softens up. Gilles, however, is also devoted to Bernard, a petty crook who revels in mugging gay men. All three struggle with relationships that seem to be going nowhere.
Etienne Chicot
Catherine Deneuve
Rosemary Linousy
Catherine Carrée
Catherine Rethi
François Perrot
Michel Sauvage
Sabine Haudepin
Patrick Dewaere
Dominique Lavanant
Gérard Deleris
Jean-Louis Vitrac
Claude Saubot
Pascal Bernuchon
Francine Rabas
Jacques Dichamp
Jacques Nolot
Michèle Ban de Loménie
Josiane Balasko
Frédérique Ruchaud
Alain Sarde
Jacky Reynal
Pierre Berroyer
Claudine Merlin
Gilles Taurand
Jean-Pierre Kohut-Svelko
Bruno Nuytten
André Téchiné
Christian Gasc
Philippe Sarde
Hotel America filming locations

Hotel America film locations

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