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I Believe in You

A drama about parole officers to follow the successful Ealing police story of "The Blue Lamp"(1950) . Various sub-plots follow the parole officers and their charges.
George Relph
Ernest Jay
Gladys Henson
Harry Fowler
Mandy Miller
Katie Johnson
John Orchard
Ursula Howells
Glyn Houston
Edward Evans
Godfrey Tearle
Laurence Harvey
Laurence Naismith
David Hannaford
Celia Johnson
Cecil Parker
Johnnie Schofield
Ada Reeve
Brian Roper
Joan Collins
Richard Hart
Neil Wilson
Sid James
Gwynne Whitby
Peggy Ann Clifford
Stanley Escane
Mavis Villiers
Brenda De Banzie
Doris Yorke
Judith Furse
Herbert C. Walton
Cyril Waites
Alex McCrindle
Fred Griffiths
Barbara Barnard
Ernest Irving
Ernest Taylor
Arthur Bradburn
Hal Mason
Harry Wilton
Jack Whittingham
Leonard Bulkley
Basil Dearden
Anthony Mendleson
Stephen Dalby
Phyllis Crocker
Michael Relph
L.C. Rudkin
Maurice Carter
Peter Tanner
Sewell Stokes
Gordon Dines
Chic Waterson
Norman Priggen
I Believe in You filming locations

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