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I Love You Phillip Morris

Steven Russell leads a seemingly average life – an organ player in the local church, happily married to Debbie, and a member of the local police force. That is until he has a severe car accident that leads him to the ultimate epiphany: he’s gay and he’s going to live life to the fullest – even if he has to break the law to do it. Taking on an extravagant lifestyle, Steven turns to cons and fraud to make ends meet and is eventually sent to the State Penitentiary where he meets the love of his life, a sensitive, soft-spoken man named Phillip Morris. His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts him to attempt (and often succeed at) one impossible con after another.
Dameon Clarke
Louis Herthum
Nicholas Alexander
Ladson Deyne
Michael Beasley
Morgana Shaw
Kennon Kepper
David Stanford
Marcus Lyle Brown
Michael Mandell
Kathrin Middleton
Antoni Corone
Joe Chrest
Griff Furst
DeVere Jehl
Andrew Sensenig
Ewan McGregor
David Jensen
Brennan Brown
Geraldine Glenn
Jim Carrey
Sean Boyd
Miriam Cruz
Liann Pattison
Clay Chamberlin
Annie Golden
Tony Bentley
Ana Villafañe
Rodrigo Santoro
Tommy Davis
Beth Burvant
Leslie Mann
Marylouise Burke
Michael Showers
Maureen Brennan
Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor
Jeffrey Harlacker
Helen Harwell
Chris Welcker
Rose Librizzi
Xavier Grobet
Nick Urata
Cara Buckley
Camille Geier
Andrew Lazar
John Requa
Richard Middleton
Mark Weber
Courtney Bishop
Loïc Gourbe
Tanner Gill
Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski
Hartsell Taylor
Donald Sylvester
Marc Steinberg
Bernard Telsey
Susan Dawes
Michael Miller
Paul Urmson
Cynthia Anne Slagter
Scott H. Reeder
Eric Norris
Yuval Levy
Luc Besson
Bethany Bilsky
François Lepeuple
Eric M. Moorman
Jim Rider
Jac Rubenstein
Rick Chefalas
David Waine
Courtney Lether
Neil Stockstill
David C. Robinson
Linda Fields
Miri Yoon
Thomas J. Nordberg
Ve Neill
Gary Calamar
Donald Dowd
Michael Adkins
Jeff Cannon
Glenn Ficarra
Olivier Marlangeon
Lauren Montuori
Stephen E. Hagen
Far Shariat
Joel Harlow
Lidia Tamplenizza
Wyatt Sprague
Lawrence Zipf
Lana Heying
Linda De Andrea
I Love You Phillip Morris filming locations

I Love You Phillip Morris film locations

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