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2 locations in Dundalk and St Johns

I See a Dark Stranger

Determined, independent Bridie Quilty comes of age in 1944 Ireland thinking all Englishmen are devils. Her desire to join the IRA meets no encouragement, but a German spy finds her easy to recruit. We next find her working in a pub near a British military prison, using her sex appeal in the service of the enemy. But chance puts a really vital secret into her hands, leading to a chase involving Bridie, a British officer who's fallen for her, a German agent unknown to them both, and the police...paralleled by Bridie's own internal conflicts.
Austin Meldon
Albert Sharpe
Humphrey Heathcote
Raymond Huntley
Garry Marsh
George Woodbridge
Tony Quinn
Katie Johnson
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Golden
David Ward
Hugh Dempster
Pat Leonard
Frank Ling
Peter Cotes
Torin Thatcher
Kathleen Boutall
Deborah Kerr
Norman Shelley
Jim Winters
Frank Atkinson
Vi Stevens
Joan Hickson
Tom Macaulay
Johnnie Schofield
Everley Gregg
Brefni O'Rorke
Harry Webster
Josephine Fitzgerald
James Harcourt
John Vere
Kathleen Harrison
Kathleen Murphy
Leslie Dwyer
Trevor Howard
Howard Douglas
Michael Howard
Kenneth Buckley
Norman Pierce
Patricia Laffan
Clifford Buckton
Peter Jones
David Tomlinson
Doreen Percherson
Cameron Hall
Bob Elson
Arthur Denton
Brenda Bruce
Harry Terry
Dorothy Bramhall
Jack Vyvyan
W.G. O'Gorman
Gerald Case
Olga Lindo
John Salew
Harry Hutchinson
Marie Ault
Norman Arnold
Cecil F. Ford
Wolfgang Wilhelm
Stuart Freeborn
Stanley Lambourne
Norman Foley
Percy Hermes
William Allan
Frank Launder
David Rawnsley
William Alwyn
Joy Ricardo
Thelma Connell
Bert Bates
Liam Redmond
Wilkie Cooper
Paddy Arnold
Muir Mathieson
Sidney Gilliat
F.G. Bangs
I See a Dark Stranger filming locations

I See a Dark Stranger film locations

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